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Ronboy has released his mapping content for RtCW
[Image: Ronboy2.png]

Ronboy, an RtCW mapper that has been a long time in this game, has now released all his mapping contents. This is from his post on Splashdamage forum.

Quote:These downloads will contain ALL of my mapping content (custom sounds, music, textures, models and of course, the source .map files for everything that I have collected).
Quote:This means that, if someone here wants to finish [i]Castle Wewelsburg or my unfinished Christmas-themed map called Jerry Christmas, then they can finish it if they want to. I won’t make the mistake of leaving my mapping content hidden away to be lost forever like some other mappers have done with their abandoned projects.[/i]

Below is now the download link for all of his mapping content, separated into folders for the maps, sounds, models, textures, shaders etc.

Thanks to Ronboy for sharing his content to others.
You can contact Ronboy on his website HERE or on Splashdamage.

Source: Splashdamage

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