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Backlinks for SEO
Is there a right way to get backlinks for a website? Is there any magic formula that will make my website rank faster?
A crowd marketing service should do the trick
I agree with mamaliga here, community link building seems to be the best option for SEO boosting now. The right way would be to find a good rated company that specializes in this and place a small order at first in order to see how they work. Then, if you are pleased by the result place a bigger order and watch your ranks increase in real time. As far as I know they usually have very good client support which allows you to watch how the backlinks are posted in real time via client prereports. The bigger the order the lower the price.
Choose wisely the SEO company. Advise with  your friends or check on Google, usually you will read the reviews and make your own conclusion, to choose that company or not. Personally, I'm in online business for more than five years and I have many friends to consult with regarding a SEO company. I'm working at the moment with the internet marketing san diego on my online store selling car parts. The competition is bigger and bigger, so to be on top I have had to invest. Do not wait for a magic formula, invest money in order to earn them back. 

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