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Name: Teutoburg Forest
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Version: Beta 1
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January 2016 (Yeah, we are still making ET maps ) |----------------------------------------->

| Title : teutoburg_forest_b1
| file Name : teutoburg_forest_b1.bsp
| Version : purely a test version
| Author : TWT-Teuthis
| url :
| email : goto and send your message to Teuthis. I'd love to get some feedback about the map (criticism welcome of course too)

|-----------------------------------------> Storyline

The Allies have surrounded the famous Teutoburg forest, an impervious forest in northwest Germany. The Axis are hiding a substantial amount of gold in the forest. The Axis are trying to escape from the forest with the gold. The Allies are trying to prevent this for all costs. |----------------------------------------->

-----------------------------------------> | Story short and punchy:

| Axis are trying to escape from the forest and Allies have to prevent this. |----------------------------------------->

| Objectives:..

| Axis:..
| 1:..Escort the truck with the gold to the nearby train station
| 2:..Destroy the main entrance
| 3:..Escort the truck over the bridge
| 4:..Load the gold on the Train
| 5:..Escape with the gold from the forest
| Secondary objectives

| - Destroy the side entrance

| - Built the command post to create an alternative Spawn
| - Destroy the Allied command post command post
| Allies:..
| 1:..Prevent the Axis from reaching the train station with the gold
| 2:..Prevent the Axis from destroying the main entrance
| 3:..Prevent the Axis from escorting the truck over the bridge
| 4:..Prevent the Axis from loading the gold on the train
| 5:..Prevent the Axis from escaping with the gold from the forest
Secondary objectives
- Prevent the Axis from destroying the side entrance
- Built the command post
| - Destroy Axis command post command post
|-----------------------------------------> | Miscellania:..
| time : pretty much exactly 3 months -----------------------------------------> | Credits (Sorry but there are a lot of people that need credit)

| :..all the people from the SD warchest forum that helped with dozens of questions, most importantly Stealth, KeMon and Rayban
| :..Simonoc for great tutorials on alpha blending and for shaders and textures (please check his website for license agreement when using his textures)
| :..For textures I thank TWT-Thunder, Macchute, RayBan,
| :..TWT-Mateos and TWT-Thunder
for discussions on scripting
| :..TWT-Thunder for dozens of models, shaders and textures
:..the sources for the free to use sounds I used: From I used the avalanche (big thanks)

| :..the sources for the free to use sounds I used: From I used the ambient sounds
| :..For testing the test map I thank the Desperados Clan and especially Ray and Darth vader.
| :..most important credit goes to TheWolfTeam, especially TWT-Thunder, TWT-Mateos, Macchute, and TWT-Devilsrighthand for endless support in scripting, models and mapping ideas.
| Noteworthy:�...

| :..There are some models in the map that carry TheWolfTeam (TWT) logo. It is important to understand that TWT is not a clan and that I'm not advertising a clan here. The reason I put the TWT logo in is because I want to encourage every person mapping for ET to join this team and to benefit from the help that is offered here. Without the help from TWT this map would not exist the way it is. So more mapper at TWT means more great maps for you all. |-----------------------------------------> | Copyright :..

| :..Copyright © 2015 by id software
| :..all laws from ID software and splash damage / activation that apply for enemy territory also apply to this map.
|-----------------------------------------> | Permissions:..You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product. You may not edit this file in any means.

| many not Redo/reproduce/update this map in any way without permission from the author.
| :..distribution is only allowed without any charge for the recipient. This map is for non-commercial use only. Nobody is allowed to make profit from this map.
|-----------------------------------------> |
Last note from Teuthis

:..the map is free of Nazi symbols. Please leave it that way. The world is a better place without those symbols. |----------------------------------------->

so now fire it up and have fun. And giving me feedback is very welcome. Also if you have ideas for future maps, let me know

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