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Name: Point Du Hoc
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June 6, 1944: To grant safe passage for the Allied ships during D-Day a small operation is launched to disable the artillery guns of Pointe du Hoc. The Allies will attempt to gain control of the bunkers on the cliff and advance into the Hinterland where the Axis have hidden the artillery guns from Allied bombers. The Axis have to prevent the loss of this strategic part of Normandy and the artillery guns at all costs.

Capture the Forward Bunker.
Construct a Command Post.
Only an Allied Field-Ops can call in reinforcements in the radar bunker.
Dynamite the East Artillery Guns.
Dynamite the West Artillery Guns.

Do not lose the Forward Bunker to the Allies.
Construct a Command Post.
Prevent the Allies from calling in reinforcements.
Defend the East Artillery Guns.
Defend the West Artillery Guns.
//Note: If one team holds both the flag and the Command Post, the flag is temporarily secured. To capture the flag, the enemy team has to first destroy the Command Post.

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