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Name: Missing In Action
Category: Maps
Submitted by: admin
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Version: v1.0.0
MD5: acdcd856347c42e8c8df3163dea80781
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created by Thunder
huey model and
mia model also made
by Thunder

bsp name:mia_final
longname in server list: missing in action final

-fixed some of the fps problems
-changed texture on sandbags to more fitting the etnam theme
-Huey is now shootable( Thanx to acQu ? )

****THIS IS AN ETNAM MOD MAP**********


After last big attack Charlie(vietcong) managed to capture 3 soldiers,
they want to pump these for valuable information.
The Soldiers are held in a secret P.O.W camp in the pleiku jungle, waiting for their fate.
Luckily the us pick up a radio transmit where they get the whereabouts of the soldiers and send
in a troop who camps nearby, equipet with a huey they are been flied out to a droppoint where they have to find their way to the maingate of pow camp, they will have to blow this and get m.i.a's out one by one and bring them to security at their camp hospital..
vietcong will do anything to prevent allies to blow the maingate and capture the mia's.

map made and compiled in gtk radiant 1.6.4 (64bit)

credits to:
SD- for their prefabs ripped from original maps
2bit- for tutorial and prefabs
all other who have prefabs in this map that I cant remember ?
kic-for his trees (wonderful job kic)

And special credits goes to:
AcQu- for BIG part of scripting and getting stuff to work propperly for me

for all their help with my map on my thread at SD forums:

also extra thx to Mateos who provided the wayfiles

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