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by Krischan 11.02.2011

This little piece of software is able to create basic textures for a very nice commandmap in Enemy Territory as an alternative for tracemap based commandmaps. It is using Blitzbasic 3D as engine and uses the orthogonal camera projection high above to match the tracemap for a screenshot. If the program doesn't run this can have different reasons. First Blitz3D is very old and needs DirectX 7 to run. Second this code is a quick'n'dirty spinoff of my map developement so don't expect a full working product. Third you didn't read the "How to use" section yet ?

- parse a BSP file and output a colormap, a lightmap or a combined colormap/lightmap image
- freeflight mode to fly through the level

How to use
- you need at least the BSP and its corresponding lightmap files in the maps folder like in the PK3 or your etmain directory
- you should add ALL models and texture folders you want to map on the level geometry
- in the commandmap.ini you can set an additional path where the extracted PK0.pk3 textures are located
- shaders are NOT supported and will be replace by a "notex" texture - code a shader parser if you want, the other source is included
- in the examples subdir is a photoshop example (no template, was too big) how to include the output images for your own command map

Compile the map
- the program can parse the output of q3map2 directly without conversion
- check the "commandmap_build_menu.xml" in the examples directory for example map compile parameters
- you should compile with sunlight only and skip other lights (looks better IMHO)

Known Bugs
- some faces have strange UV alignment, mostly shaders, dunno why

Keyboard / Mouse shortcuts
Left Mouse switch between orthogonal and freeflight mode (yes, you can even fly through the map!)
Right Mouse switch through the three images colormap, lightmap and combined
RETURN saves the current image to the levelshots directory (bspname_colormap.tga, bspname_lightmap.tga, bspname_combined.tga)
SPACE turns wireframe mode on/off
ARROWS camera movement

Commandmap.ini Reference

[Commandmap] // header, leave it alone
map=ffm // bsp name
mapsize=8192 // max map size from 0,0 (your map should fit inside a square of these dimensions)
offx=0 // offset X if map is not centered
offy=0 // offset Y if map is not centered
texscale= // this is always 1.0/mapsize to make a "drawn like" look of the colormap
if you want to see the textures enter 1
BSP_MissingTexture=textures/notex.png // missing textures (ex. shaders!) are replace by this texture
path_to_et_textures=x:/ // additional ET textures the program can use if no texture has been found yet
cmapsize=512 // size of the commandmap, should be 512 or 1024
exclude=sky,common,terrain // textures to exclude like here: sky brushes, common textures or even terrain if not needed
the program looks for text matches in the texture names, so commonbrick would be discarded too
cameraspeed=10 // speed of the camera movement

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