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Name: CFG Maker
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Version: v3
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|- Miguel Nunes -|-----> Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
|- - projects -|-----> CFG Maker v3


-------- Program Info --------

This is free and usefull software to easealy create your professional and organized cfg's for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.
When you install, you'll have a sample of a cfg at the CFGMaker's folder and you'll have an idea of what CFGMaker can do!!
To have a better idea of what CFG Maker v1.0Pro is, see the screenshots or you can also see the movie i made at ...
This new version fixes some big bugs found in older versions like the opengl one. It also has a new cool look!!

If you have any question or feedback visit Feel free to post!


------ Install/Unistall -------

Just run the setup to install... To uninstall run the uninstall program in the cfg maker directory.


------- How does it work ------

Run the setup to install and the check the docs link at the installation or at the program.
Note: if you got problems running the cfg in the game, then set the resolution to 800x600 at the cfg...


-------- Contact Info --------

Name: Miguel Nunes
MSN Messenger:
Game Nick: > > NightSky.

Note: No support will be given by email... Support allways starts at my forums that can be found in my website. See link above.
FeedBack too =P

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