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Name: Lays Of Schwarzwald
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||Map name: Lays of Schwarzwald
||pk3 and its files names: lays_of_schwarzwald_b1
||Author: -)A(-WuTang**
||Version: Beta 1 (B1)
||Released: 31st August
|| Email:
|| Discord: WuTangH#7270
|| Websites: - user WuTangH
|| - user WuTangH


Lays of Schwarzwald is a custom ET map situated in the middle of nice, famous region of Blackwood (schwarzwald..)forests.

Information about advanced progress of Axis in the Rocketbomb research were true.
Allies are on a mission to ambush their Weapon factory in the middle of huge Schwarzwald forest and destroy everything whats worth.


Primary Objective: Escort the Tank through the Village and destroy the Tunnel Gate.
Primary Objective: Escort the Tank through the tunnels to parmanently push Axis to the Rocket Base.
Primary Objective: Bring all four Explosion Materials to the Rocket.
Primary Objective: Build the Detonator to blow up the Rocket Base.
Primary Objective: Blow up the Rocket Base using the constructed Detonator.

Secondary Objective: Do not let Axis construct the Tank Barrier.
Secondary Objective: Construct the Command Post to take partial control over the tunnels.

Primary Objective: Prevent Allies from completing their objective.

Secondary Objective: Construct the Tank Barrier.
Secondary Objective: Construct the Command Post.

Programs used:

GTKRadiant 1.5
Adobe Photoshop CC2017
Blender 2.79
MilkShape 3D


Credits & such:
Textures: dirt_m03icmp_brown.tga - from ET:L texturepack made by Kemon.
Missing images to original ET shaders were found in custom packs..
Other than that, textures were downloaded for free, or made by me.

Models: Rocketbomb, trees and foliage models - made by me.
Big dynamite - made by MLB guys.

Sounds: Sounds included in pk3 are made out of ET original sounds.

You can use all textures and models from this pack. Those downloaded are free, and those made by me are totally free too.

Thanks to C from UJE Clan for their tank generator.

Special thanks for help and feedback:
Kemon, Mateos, Thunder, [UJE]Niek, Ray, Loffy, Macchute, ryven, Ensiform, Aranud, Aciz, hatcher, JoNny, Old-Owl and others.

You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without
permission from the author. You may not mass distribute this level via any
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.

You may not Redo/reproduce/update this map in any way without permission from the author.
This will change after map source file will be released to public.

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