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Name: Castle Blackwood
Category: Maps
Submitted by: admin
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Views: 253
Version: Beta 2
MD5: 56647d4d4fad241696c0c54d7b298549
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This map participated and won the Trackbase ET map competition 2018.

Castle Blackwood, Located in the black forest has been used as an important headquarter during the war. The Allied has taken control over most of Germany and the fürher just committed suicide. It’s the late afternoon of May 2nd 1945 and general Kartoffel (Germany) has decided to make an attempt to retake the castle and burn all the salary notes of the SS highcommand.

The map is heavily teambased especially when double-jumps are disabled. It features boost spots (you need to stand on another teammate) to gain access to certain areas that are important. The tunnels also features two one-way drops that adds some tactical decision-making. Explosive gameplay mixed with boost spots make this level easy to pick up but hard to master.

Ideal teamsize 10v10

Timelimit 25min (+10min when 2nd barrier is passed)

Mapname: blackwood_b2

Shortname: Castle Blackwood ^1B2

Size: 4.6 hectare (medium)

Mission: escort tank -> siphone diesel (construction) -> bring diesel barrel to documents (capture the flag)

ET-Legacy 2.75 doesn’t draw the flames inside the castle correctly but ET206b works.

The map was one of the challengers in the trackbase mapping contest: and it recieved the first price. The patched version is a single pk3 file which has the latest version of the shaders and mapscript fixing the issue that made the tracks of the tank disappear due to conflicts with other maps. The tree and tank clips are improved as well to ensure you don’t shoot into invisible clipping (or gain unfair information) when you try to mow down your enemies.

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