The Wolfteam was founded on November 10th 2013

- The Idea is to keep our beloved game alive.

- You can become a member of The Wolfteam just by playing the game.

- You can also as a mapper/leveldesigner, coder, co-op with other members on projects, but this neither a mandatory thing.

- And everybody has of course real life as first priority.

- You don’t lock yourself to doing projects with others if you don’t want to, this will be up to anybody for themselves to decide.

- But being a member of our crew you may:

keep things "secret", as we have private forums for The Wolfteam, every member is bound to the rule,

what happens in TWT forums, stays in TWT forums as long as nothing else is said

- We also have an own workspace for projects when needed, they are on github under our group

- A Wolfteam member can also upload their maps, mods and so on to the site for sharing.

- They may also decide if download should be public or just to the team.

- Being a part of planning how our public servers should be set up, with mods,maps etc..

- Of course regular site members will also be allowed to post suggestions.

- Team members will also be granted admin status on our servers. (For the moment, our community doesn´t have any servers available.)

- Also a team member will get access to test servers over a period of time that can be password protected.Server is linux only.

- To deal with it yourself, you will have to know Linux, Putty and also FTP.

- Some projects we have worked on: Reloaded, Modernfront, HQ-mod

- There are always use for more mappers/leveldesigners, coders, trusted players, scripters, shadergods.

Welcome to The Wolfteam!